Thursday, 12 July 2012

cute betul~!

Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani...

sebagai peminat Maher Zain, lagu  My little Girl ini adalah lagu paling 'comel' dlm byk2 lagu beliau.
serius sgt comel. dgn lirik dia yg menyentuh hati. dgn usra baby dia, dgn video ni yg cute. mmg buat mata saya basah bila kenang anak2 di rumah. ni kalau bapa2 yg baru dpt baby girl ni mesti tersentuh habis.

nah, layankan videoclip dr Maher Zain. serius cute,kan?

My Little Girl Lyrics feat. Aya Zain

By: Maher Zain

You are a miracle
You are a blessing from above
You brought joy to my soul
And pleasure to my eyes

In my heart I can feel it
An unexplainable feeling
Being a father
The best thing that I could ever ask for

Just thinking of you makes me smile
Holding you, looking in your eyes
I’m so grateful for having you
And everyday I pray
I pray that you’ll find your way

You know I love you, I love you
My little girl, my little girl
I ask God to bless you, and protect you always
My little girl, my little girl

You’re like a shining star
So beautiful you are
My baby girl
You light up my world

I pray that I’ll get the chance
To be around and watch you grow
And witness your first steps
And the first time when you will call me “dad”


I could spend hours watching you
You’re so innocent, so wonderful and pure
O God I can not express my gratitude!
But I’ll raise her good, ‘cause all I want is to please You
And now I pray You’ll guide her steps forever

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